FUJIFILM Apeos 7580 | 6580

Black & White Multifunction Photocopier | Brand New | For Corporate Business

  • SOLID SECURITY– ensures security by checking BIOS firmware for anomalies during startup, aborting if an issue is detected, attempting recovery for other firmware problems, and allowing optional software installation to prevent attacks on connected devices.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY– Reducing environmental impact through the reduction of energy consumption can effectively contribute to creating more environmentally sustainable office spaces
  • UP TO DATE– Consistently maintaining current updates and offering users real-time status information ensures optimal performance of the photocopier, irrespective of the user, fostering seamless operations.
  • LINK WITH MOBILE DEVICES– Mobile devices installed “Print Utility” app can connect directly to photocopier for printing and scanning.
  • DUPLEX SINGLE PASS FEEDER (standard) –The DSPF efficiently scans duplex documents in a single pass, handling batches of up to 300 sheets, thereby ensuring swift completion of sizable tasks by the MFP
  • EASY TO USE 10.1 – INCH TOUCH PANEL  –With a variety of functions accessible via simple icons.
Function Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)
Speed 75ppm |  65ppm
First output 3.0 sec
Warm-up Time 36 sec or less
Print Resolution 2400 dpi or equivalent x 600 dpi
Control Panel Display 10.1 inch colour LCD touchscreen
Memory | Hard Disk 4 GB | 128 GB SSD
Paper Tray | Bypass Tray 2 x 520 sheets tray +1560 sheets + 1950 sheets + 1 Bypass Tray 95 sheets + 1 Cabinet
Paper Size A5 – A3
Printer/Scanner Built-in PCL,  Mono Print, Colour Scan
Dimensions W 620 x D 804 x H 1155mm

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FUJIFILM Apeos 7580 | 6580 – Brochure

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