The difference between photocopying and printing

The Difference Between Photocopying And Printing

In the realm of document reproduction, two fundamental processes—photocopying and printing—serve distinct purposes and offer unique functionalities. Understanding their differences can streamline their effective use in various scenarios.

Photocopying —–> Replicating the Original

What is Photocopying?

Photocopying involves creating duplicates of physical documents using a photocopier machine. It reproduces an exact replica of the original, yielding one or multiple copies on paper.

How it Works ?

The process commences by placing the original document on the photocopier’s glass surface or feeder tray. The machine scans the document using light, transferring the scanned image onto a blank sheet of paper through electrostatically charged toner or ink.

Printing —–> Translating Digital into Physical

What is Printing?

Printing translates digital content from devices onto paper or other mediums using a photocopier. It covers a spectrum of outputs, from text documents to intricate images.

How it Works ?

Printing requires a digital file containing the content to be printed. This file is sent from a computer or digital device to a printer, which interprets the digital data and applies ink or toner onto the paper according to the content’s specifications.

Choosing Between the Two:

Purpose –  Photocopying is best for duplicating existing documents swiftly, while printing is versatile, suitable for creating new documents from digital files.

Speed vs. Quality – Photocopying is faster for duplicates, while printing might take longer due to processing digital information and offers better quality for images and graphics.


Differentiating between photocopying and printing is crucial for employing the right method based on specific needs. Photocopying excels at duplicating existing documents swiftly, while printing offers versatility and customization for generating new documents from digital files. By understanding these distinctions, individuals and businesses can leverage both processes effectively to meet their document reproduction requirements.

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